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VR-Related Presentations & Publications (1981 - 2016)

Selected News

"VR Cinematography Studies for Google," Medium.com.
: Presentation, "Cameras, Interactivity, and VR", NYU ITP.

Panel Chair, "Virtual Reality's Creative Landscape," Hacking Arts 2015, MIT Media Lab.
(6 minute slideshow of my intro, including the 65 year history of art @ MIT in 5 minutes.)
Presentation, "Thereness: On Place and Virtual Reality," Designers & Geeks, San Francisco. (video 40 min)
Contracted as Google VR's first Resident Artist.
May: Presentation, "Art & Invention", Gray Area Art Festival, San Francisco. (video 20 min)
Guest critique, Stanford Art design class of Camille Utterback.
Apr: Guest presentation, SFAI Film class of Jim McKee.
Designated Grownup quote, cover story on Palmer Luckey and VR, Forbes.

Old News

Google "Feeling Lucky" list (what?)
Academic Art & Technology wiki
Arts Lab feasibility study
open patent protection

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my Stanford talk
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