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Old News

Nov 19: Presentation, The Role of the Arts in the Tech of Tomorrow, San Francisco Art Institute.
Sep 19: Publication, How the 62 Year Story of Art at MIT Shaped the Media Lab Ethos, Medium.
May 19: Presentations, "VR & Art in China & Silicon Valley," Zurich University of the Arts (5/15) and Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (5/16).
Mar 19: NYU launches a (human) translated Chinese version of my entire VR/AR series. It’s bilingual. https://rits.hosting.nyu.edu/vr-ar/

Dec 18: 3D VR video, "Ode to Joy VR," a "Sunday experiment" at NYU Shanghai with 6 students humming a 47 piece orchestral version based on the layout of the Dublin Symphony Hall (the-making-of slideshow).
Nov 18: “NYU SHANGHAI Interactive Media Arts: VR Case Studies,” Forum for Development of City Innovation System and Reform of Talent Training Mode, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.
Oc t18: Panel, “Subversion and Inheritance of VR Films and Television Production,” 2018 World Conference on VR Industry, Nanchang, China.
Sep 18: Quoted, “The Art of Virtual Reality: Notable Artists are Embracing this Game-Changing Medium," Robb Report, September 2018, with Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Anish Kapoor, 
Olafur Eliasson, Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Aug 18: Publication, "Increasing VR Creativity: More Risky Research," Medium.
Aug 18: Presentation, “Students Pushing Boundaries: VR Research during Development-Driven Times,” Shanghai Design Week.
Jul 18: Quoted, Valley of Genius: The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley, "with the distinction of having worked in most of the most interesting R&D labs and creative shops in the Valley," Adam Fisher, Hachette, 2018.
Jul 18: Artwork, “Art in Motion. 100 Masterpieces with and through Media” 
exhibition at ZKM | Centre for Arts and Media, Karlsruhe, July 2018 - February 2019
with Auguste & Louis Lumiere, Charles & Ray Eames, Dziga Vertov, Jean-Luc Godard, 
John Cage, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Christo, Nam June Paik, Steina & Woody Vasulka . . .
May 18: Final Projects, VR / AR Fundamentals class, NYU Shanghai.
Jan - Mar 18: Publications, "VR / AR Fundamentals," (a six-part weekly series) Medium.

Dec 17: Final Projects, VR / AR Fundamentals class, NYU Shanghai.
Dec 17: Salon Keynote, "The Future of VR," Global Cre8 Summit, Shenzhen, China.
Sep 17: Interview, "Virtual Reality: Beyond the Hype", NYU Shanghai Gazette.
Sep 17: Visiting Associate Arts Professor for the fall teaching "VR/AR Fundamentals," NYU Shanghai.
May 17: Opening Keynote, "Besides the Screen: VR, Volumetric Cinema, and Space Control", Vitoria, Brazil.
May 17: "A Big, Slow, Global Approach to VR: Silicon Valley's Blind Spot," Canadian Film Centre News, Toronto.
Apr 17: Opening Keynote, “Collisions: VR, Immersive Art, and Technology”, The 14th Factory / VRLA, Los Angeles.

Dec 16: Visiting Instructor, “Virtual Reality for Artists”, Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film, Singapore.
Dec 16: Opening Keynote, “The Digital in Cultural Spaces”, National Museum of Singapore. (TV interview, First Look Asia).
Nov 16: "Being Early: Challenges and Opportunities as VR Grows Up," Presence, 25th Anniversary Issue, MIT Press, 25.2, November 2016.
Oct 16:#5 in "25 of VR's Greatest Innovators," Polygon.
Oct 16:"VR Interactivity: Some Useful Distinctions," Medium.com.
Oct 16: Invited Presentation, Digital Futures Program, Ontatio College of Art and Design, Toronto.
Oct 16:Opening Keynote, First VR Creative Doc Lab, Canadian Film Centre, Toronto. (news story)
Oct 16: Opening Keynote, "Weird Reality: New and Independent Visions of Head-Mounted Art and Code," CMU.
Sep 16:Quoted, Pioneers of Virtual Reality Art, Financial Times, London
Sep 16:Guest presentation, USC Cinema "Technologies of Presence" class of Scott Fisher.
Sep 16: Guest presentation, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business "Social Media and Social Movements" class of David Evan Harris.
Jun 16: "VR Cinematography Studies for Google," Medium.com.
Apr 16: Quoted, "Fantastic Radio Show about VR, c.1992," Boing Boing, Apr 25, 2016.
Feb 16: Presentation, "Cameras, Interactivity, and VR", NYU ITP.

Sep 15: Panel Chair, "Virtual Reality's Creative Landscape," Hacking Arts 2015, MIT Media Lab.
(6 minute slideshow of my intro, including the 65 year history of art @ MIT in 5 minutes.)
Sep 15: Presentation, "Thereness: On Place and Virtual Reality," Designers & Geeks, San Francisco. (video 40 min)
Jul 15: Contracted as Google VR's first Resident Artist.
May 15: Presentation, "Art & Invention", Gray Area Art Festival, San Francisco. (video 20 min)
Apr 15: Guest critique, Stanford Art design class of Camille Utterback.
Apr 15: Guest presentation, SFAI Film class of Jim McKee.
Jan 15: Designated Grownup quote, cover story on Palmer Luckey and VR, Forbes.

Dec 14: "On Fisheyes and Language - Reflections on an Interview with Michael Naimark", Canada Council for the Arts Blog.
Nov 14: Presentation #6, "Art & Invention", for Convergence: Intl Summit on Art+Technology, Banff Centre. ("Story of the Day" radio interview)
Nov 14: Radio interview, "ArtBeat | Media Art Goes Mainstream", CKUA Radio, Edmunton.
Nov 14: "Thereness" UC Berkeley Oct talk online (26 min video).
Nov 14: Presentation #5, "Art & Invention", Bennington College, VT
Nov 14: Presentation #4, "Art & Invention", ITP NYU.
Nov 14: Presentation #3, "Art & Invention", New School, NY. (public)
Nov 14: Presentation, "VR Form & Content", private symposium, USC Cinema, LA.
Oct 14: Presentation #2, "Art & Invention", UT Dallas.
Oct 14: Presentation, Image as Location Conference, UC Berkeley.
Oct 14: Presentation, "Art & Invention", UMich Ann Arbor.
Sep 14: "VR Cinematography" slideshow online.
Aug 14: [Real-World] [Camera-Based] VR Google Doc online.
May 14: Keynote, First International Symposium on Immersive Creativity, Montreal. (Musings before) (CBC interview)
Apr 14: Presentation, "Cycloramas Re-Imagined", Institute for Creative Technology, USC. (PDF of slideshow)
Jan 14: Invoked in absentia, Are Interactive Films Transforming Modern Storytelling? Sundance's New Frontier Has the Answer, Park City, UT.
Jan 14: Presentation, Environmental Visions Symposium, Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore.

Dec 13: Invited panelist, "Camera Arrays for Surround Photography" (slideshow best viewed in Safari), Cinegrid 2013, UC San Diego.
Sep 13: Opening remarks ("I used to think patents were cool.") (36 min video), Patent Pending art exhibition, Zero1 Garage, San Jose.
Sep 13: "Respectful Camera" patent granted to USC.
Jun 13: Opening Keynote, ISEA 2013, 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, June 11, Sydney.
Jun 13: "Defusing Glass: Google's Critical Mission" video (19 min), Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
Jun 13: Keynote and Master Class, X|Media|Lab, Creative Leadership Edition, Sydney.
Jun 13: Seminar, Arts and Creativity Lab, National University, Singapore.
May 13: Seminar, "Three 'Slow' Global Media Projects", Creative Media Centre, City University, Hong Kong.
May 13: Art exhibition based on our 2003 "arts lab" report, Shanghai.
Feb 13: Suggestions for the "If I Had [Google] Glass" campaign. (March update)
Jan 13: Essay by Computer History Museum curator Marc Weber on history of Google Street View (includes Aspen and Banff).

Aug 12: Rough Cut Video (2.5 min) and Field Notes of live streaming May Day on Wall Street.
Jul 12: New paper on USC Movie Tagger project by colleague Josh McVeigh-Schultz.
Jun 12: Keynote on Global Media for XMediaLab, Sydney Opera House.
Jun 12: Panelist, "Unreal Labs and Awesome Projects," Vivid Syndey, Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art.
May 12: Proposal for NASA's Open Call for Concepts and Approaches for Mars Exploration.
Mar 12: Proposal for Knight Foundation News Challenge.

Dec 11: Liiive.tv pivots toward Operator-Assisted Live Webcam Network. (slidehow)
Nov 11: My little essay ranks #1 of over 1 BILLION results on Google for live global video.
Oct 11: Two Unusual Projection Spaces paper translated to Romanian.
Sep 11: USC awarded patent for "seamlessly 'Flickrizing' Google Earth".
Jun 11: At ITP Camp ("for grown ups") at NYU.
May 11: Presenting "Place Representation and the 'One Earth' Model" at MIT.
Apr 11: USC awarded patent for Source-Based Alert.
Apr 11: Appointed Visiting Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab.
Mar 11: Movie Tagger seminar, USC Cinema, Interactive Media Division.
Mar 11: Presenter, Art as a Way of Knowing conference, NSF and Exploratorium, San Francisco.
Jan 11: USC patent application for "Respectful and Expressive Cameras".
Jan 11: A statement about the Interval lawsuit.
Jan 11: Quoted in John Szwed’s Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World. (mini review)
Jan 11: Introducing liiive.tv, mobile one to many, "unscheduled".

Nov 10: Ten years after Kundi.com, a proposal to relaunch as Liiive.tv.
Nov 10: Movie Tagger hosts a salon at USC.
Oct 10: Short essay ranks #1 (of 100,000,000 results) on Google searches for live global video.
Aug 10: USC Movie Tagger project receives research funding from RCDb.net.
Jul 10: "Camera Cars" essay on Google Streetview challenges.
Jun 10: Presenting at ITP Camp, NYU.
Apr 10: Keynote speaker, University for the Creative Arts Research Conference 2010, London.
Mar 10: Short presentation on respectful and expressive cameras, International Conference on Computational Photography, MIT.
Mar 10: Presentation on "Representing Earth", Stanford HCI Seminar (video).
Jan 10: "Projects Pending" List 2010.

Oct 09: Karlsruhe Moviemap 1991 rephotographed 2009 for ZKM's 20th anniversary show.
Sep 09: Visiting faculty, ITP NYU, new class called "Representing Earth".
Jun 09: "80+1: A Journey Around the World" opens in Linz and online.
May 09: "Live Bits: Art Exploring Realtime Connectedness" commissions announced.
Mar 09: Presentation on "Representing Earth," University of Montreal. (Related story.)
Jan 09: Speaker, "The Big Picture," Netherlands Architecture Institute & International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Dec 08: "Source-Based Alert When Streaming Media is of Current Interest" patent app is now online.
Dec 08: Biannual Visiting Committee meeting of the MIT Media Lab.
Oct 08: Opening speaker at the 2nd International Conference on Image Science, Krems, Austria.
Sep 08: 80+1 "Live Bits - Art Exploring Real-Time Connectedness" call for proposals.
Sep 08: "80+1: A Global Voyage" website launches.
Jul 08: "80+1: A Global Voyage" text for 2008 Ars Electronica catalog.
Jun 08: Brunch and roundtable at the Kitchen Budapest.
Jun 08: KTLA TV feature on Viewfinder.
May 08: Profiled by the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation.
May 08: Quoted in Prague Post story on Raduz Cincera, world's first interactive filmmaker.
Apr 08: Google Tech Talk on Viewfinder.
Apr 08: NYTimes and BoingBoing coverage of Viewfinder.
Apr 08: "Viewfinder: How to Seamlessly 'Flickrize' Google Earth" goes online.
Feb 08: New stereo-panoramic installation for Ars Electronica Museum previews at USC.
Jan 08: "Seamless Image Integration Into 3D Models" patent app is now online.
Jan 08: "Movie Tagger", "Propagation Engine", and "True Tally" files posted on USC Stevens Institute for Innovation website.

Oct 07: Some early ideas on Representing Earth.
Sep 07: Mentor, xMediaLab Workshop on "Media aRt&D", Singapore.
Aug 07: Recipient, Google Research Award for "Collective Photo Mapping" (details forthcoming).
Aug 07: Panel Chair, "Artists have changed: Art, Science, Technology Interaction" for Leonardo journal, Siggraph, San Diego.
Jul 07: In "Device Art" feature article in Core77 design magazine.
Jun 07: Patent filed for “Seamless Image Integration into 3D models” via USC Stevens Institute for Innovation.
May 07: Panelist at Computer/Human Interaction (CHI) 2007 Conference, San Jose.
Apr 07: USC executive brief (1 pg PDF) for World Wide Webcam initiative.
Feb 07: USC executive brief (2 pg PDF) for Consumer Immersive Viewer initiative.

Dec 06: On Scientific Council for the Boltzmann Institute for Media Art Research, Linz, Austria.
Nov 06: On Visiting Committee for the MIT Media Lab.
Oct 06: Opening speaker for NYU Art & Tech Planning Group.
Sep 06: On closing panel at PICNIC '06 Cross Media Week, Amsterdam.
Aug 06: Consumer Immersive Viewer initiative adopted as case study for USC Marshall School of Business "Radical Innovation" class (GSBA 585).
Aug 06: Teaching new USC class: "Cinemagraphic Experiments in Interactivity".
Aug 06: My Google "Feeling Lucky" List.
Aug 06: Invited talk for the Third Annual Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory, UC Irving.
July 06: Worldwide webcam initiative proposed during the third annual meeting of the "Big Picture Summit," National Geographic Society.
July 06: New work on "How to seamlessly 'Flickrize' 'Google Earth'".
June 06: Provisional patent application filed for "Hardware-embedded alert and feedback system for items of current interest via a network".
Jun 06: Paper in Presence journal special issue on Virtual Heritage (MIT Press).
Apr 06: Interview in Artnodes, Barcelona, Spain.
Mar 06: My Big Projects to do list.
Jan 06: Academic Art & Technology Wiki launched.

Dec 05: Why the "Anti-Paparazzi Flash" is problematic.
Nov 05: Paper (on immersive projection) published in Presence Journal (MIT Press).
Oct 05: Interview in LA Weekly.
Oct 05: Invited talk (on "live VR") for the Optical Society of America annual meeting.
Sep 05: Invited talk for the REFRESH! The First International Media Arts Histories Symposium.
Sep 05: Invited talk for the College of Creative Arts, San Francisco State University.
Sep 05: See Banff! exhibited in The Art Formerly Known As New Media, Banff, Canada.
Aug 05: Visiting Faculty appointment in the USC School of Cinema & Television.
Aug 05: Notes on my Art Center show by Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Steve Dietz.
Jun 05: A Guide to Good Practice... book official launch at the ICA in London.
Jun 05: Student project (thanks to Stephanie Ferguson).
May 05: Naimark 1977-1997 exhibition opens at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.
May 05: Graduate thesis class exhibition at Interactive Media, USC Film School.
May 05: Graduate class public space project at Interactive Media, USC Film School.
Apr 05: Guest artist class exercises at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.
Jan 05: Teaching 2 classes at USC and a residency at Art Center College of Design.

Dec 04: On "Dream Team" creating Gigapixel Image System.
Nov 04: Presented Be Now Here at the 12th International Panorama Conference, New York.
Nov 04: Presented on art for the Spanish Foundation for Science at Technology, Gíjon, Spain.
Sep 04: Appointed Visiting Associate Professor in Interactive Media, USC Film School.
Aug 04: Ars Electronica Symposium Curatorial Statement.
Aug 04: t+25 predictions timeline, beta version, launches.
Aug 04: Presented on Artist Roundtable at Siggraph 2004, Los Angeles.
July 04: Sensory Anomolies at Design Computing and Cognition (DCC '04) workshop, MIT.
June 04: Invited to guest curate this year's Ars Electronica Symposium, 3-4 September, Linz.
June 04: Third Patent granted based on Kundi.com (3 for 3!).
May 04: See Banff! at the American Museum of the Moving Image thru July 18.
May 04: NYU class "History of New Media and the Arts" timeline experiment.
Apr 04: Second Patent granted based on Kundi.com.
Jan 04: Taught classes this term at both at NYU and USC.

Dec 03: Calculated Risk published in SmartLab's A Guide to Good Practice....
Nov 03: Work surveyed in Shaw & Weibel's Future Cinema (MIT Press).
Oct 03: Sensory Anomalies published in Brenda Laurel's Design Research (MIT Press).
Sep 03: Be Now Here discussed in Christiane Paul's Digital Art (Thames & Hudson).
Jun 03: Be Now Here in Future Cinema Exhibition at Kiasma, Helsinki, thru September.
May 03: Arts Lab report completed and available online.
Apr 03: Patent granted based on Kundi.com.
Jan 03: Work discussed in Oliver Grau's Virtual Art (MIT Press).

Dec 02: Alan Lomax's Multimedia Dream essay posted on the Lomax website.
Nov 02: Be Now Here in Future Cinema Exhibition at the ZKM, Karlsruhe, thru March 03.
Oct 02: Camera Zapper project featured in NY Times, CS Monitor.
Oct 02: VR Webcam paper published in ISEA 2002 Proceedings.
Jul 02: Arts Lab proposal received Rockefeller grant.
Jul 02: Recipient, 2002 World Technology Award for the Arts.